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Project Description:

This Straight Front Colonial needed to reintroduce its Kitchen space with its Entertainment space. We did just that by relocating our new Kitchen Floor Plan and Eat-In areas. The Kitchens new home now compliments and invites easy access to and from the Existing Family Room. The Kitchens original location is now an Eat-In area with a sliding patio door exiting and stepping down to the back yard pool area. As the Family Room, Kitchen and Eat In areas now create an open floor plan, modifications were also made to an existing separating Dining Room wall. This new column framed wide opening now allows our line of site to literally travel from the New Kitchen area deep into the Dining Room. A small addition in the rear exits perfectly from the new Kitchen to a Guest Bath, Mudroom and Laundry Room space. The new Mud Room also allows transition to the rear deck and access to and from the pool area. 

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