CONCEPTS BY DESIGN, INC.  is a Custom Home Design Group that allows the homeowner to conceptualize and apply a practical approach to new home

designs and renovations with a cost effective architectural flair.


From Start to Finish......


After an initial meeting between the homeowner and designer, a scope of work is generated and will outline the project parameters and cover all essentials discussed in the first meeting. This outline will also have a breakdown of drawings required and the hours needed to produce them. The total residential design cost will be reflected in the proposal before any work has begun.


Once awarded the project, preliminary drawings are generated and submitted to the owner before any construction documents, such as foundations or structural drawings are designed. Once the homeowner is pleased with the design, the construction documents needed are then prepared to assemble a full drawing set ready to submit to contractors for bidding, or to the building department for a permit to build.


Depending on the complexity of the project, the drawings will also reflect the details required to produce the wanted effect of the design. Drawings generated may include everything from a simple Interior Elevation View reflecting millwork, cabinetry or a feature wall, to full construction documents such as Foundation Plans, Multiple Floor Plans, Structural Framing Plans, Elevations and Specification Sheets.


All drawings are created using current industry standard CAD computer software. This allows the client and the designer extreme flexibility to modify and look at multiple options and designs very quickly. This electronic format also allows dependable data exchange to other contractors involved in the project.


Site visits are also performed during construction to assure the overall design. Kick off meetings involving the owner, builder, and designer are highly

recommended before any work is to commence.


Our "Custom Home Design Group" has many years of experience attributed to hundreds of projects in design and construction. This allows us to offer options of which are usually overlooked in the initial stages of a project. Our client base  speaks volumes ..... and we listen.

Over 30 years experience designing custom homes and additions with a cost effective architectural flair.